Rock Collecting Fun at Sonoma Rock & Mineral Gallery

“What kid doesn’t love rocks, gems, minerals, and fossils? They all do! There is something about the colors, textures, and just the feel of holding them in their hands that intrigues kids. My 7-year-old son loves collecting rocks. He rummages through the bins of rocks at museums and toy stores. He brings home rocks from his adventures outdoors. He got a rock polisher for his birthday, although it takes forever to get results with it. He keeps his rock collection in his room and breaks it out all the time just to look at them and hold them in his hands.

He has been wanting to go to the rock shop for a while now and finally we made it to Sonoma Rock & Mineral Gallery! This is a great place for any rock or gem lover, both kids and adults. The shop is located right on the town square in Sonoma. It sits in one of those courtyards like many of Sonoma’s cute little shops do. The entryway into the courtyard has a beautiful mural on all sides. It’s as if you are looking out of your villa onto fields of California poppies and lupine. Beautiful!

There is a star-shaped fountain sitting in the middle of the courtyard. Other shops are boutique clothing, wine shops, a gallery, and a tempting gourmet chocolate tasting shop, to name a few.

Sonoma Rock & Mineral sits at the back of the courtyard.

Right when we walked in we noticed all the gems and crystals in the shop. They have pretty much everything, and it’s all lovely to look at. It didn’t take my son long to find the wall of polished rocks and gemstones. They are in individually labelled bins, like candy in a candy shop.

The clerk gave him a bowl to put his choices into and away he went, adding to his rock collection. Even I found a few stones with incredibly beautiful patterns and layers that I could not resist buying for myself.

The rocks are very reasonable, anywhere from 25 cents and up. Of course you can spend a lot of money on some of their other gems and crystals too. Besides their expansive selection of rocks, they also carry fossils, petrified wood, sharks teeth, geodes, jade, copper, and lots of beads and pendants.

Sonoma Rock & Mineral is a wonderful little “”gem”” to visit with your rock-loving children. Very educational, and you don’t have to invest a ton of money on a souvenir. They do have a few fragile items in there so its best to first have the conversation about looking with their eyes and not their hands!

Sonoma Rock & Mineral is located at414 1st St East # G, in Sonoma. They are open 7 days a week, 10am-5pm.”


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