Category: Indoor Activities

May 16
Indoor Play Places in Sonoma County

Don't let the weather get you down! There are many indoor places to entertain your…

Nov 10
Homemade Play-Dough

There's something comforting about making your own playdough with your kids. This is a…

Aug 30
Homemade Ice Cream in a Baggie

Both a science experiment and a recipe, this is so fun to make with the kids!

Aug 29
Rainbow Balloon Ice Balls

Water, balloons, ice, and food coloring? Can't get much more fun than that in the…

Jun 06
2018 Father’s Day Guide

Check out our lineup of Father's Day events in Sonoma County for your family, an idea…

May 10
Easy Handprint Poem for Mom/Grandmom

A simple and sweet poem with your children's handprints for the perfect Mother's Day…

Apr 19
Make a Beautiful Succulent Garden for Mother’s Day!

Succulent gardens are fun and easy to make, even for little ones. They are beautiful,…

Apr 17
How To Make a Fairy Garden

Building a Fairy Garden is a perfect combination of gardening and imaginative play.…

Apr 03
Celebrate Earth Month With This Easy Craft!

Make Earth Day eggs with leftover Easter eggs, blue dye, and sharpies.

Mar 12
How to Make Magic Leprechaun Rocks!

This is a simple, fun science activity that would amaze your kids.