Category: DIY

May 31
Snowflakes! Snowflakes! Snowflakes!

Just because we don't get any snow in Sonoma County doesn't mean we can't have…

May 17
Homemade Kinetic Sand

Every kid loves Kinetic Sand! It's probably not a big secret that you can make it at…

May 01
Mother’s Day Flower Pot

Decorate flowers with children's memories for your Mom/Grandma on Mother's Day!

Mar 30
Chopped Junior at Home

Looking for a fun way to get your kids in the kitchen? Hold a Chopped Junior contest…

Mar 28
Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet

Homemade Mother's Day presents are the best! Moms and Grandmothers love to get…

Mar 01
Canvas Art with Contact Paper

Fun art project with contact paper shapes and paint on a canvas!

Dec 24
New Year Memory Jar

The New Year Memory Jar is a great way to remember and reflect on how much everyone…

Dec 21
Children’s Poetry Books, Copperfield’s Recommendations

In celebration of National Poetry Month, here are some fun children's Poetry Book…

Oct 03
Mini Canvas Magnet Art

These little mini canvases are so cute! They are fun art projects for kids (and…

May 27
Personalized Stepping Stones for your Garden

Looking for something crafty and fun? Make stepping stones with your kids and capture…