Mother’s Day Flower Pot

What mom doesn’t love flowers for Mother’s Day? The flowers in this Mother’s Day Flower Pot won’t wilt or die. She can keep these flowers forever! We made this flower pot for my mom 3 years ago and she still has it on her mantle.

These flowers are made with children’s memories. Some have photos, some have the children’s art, and some are their hand or foot prints. In our flower pot, there is a flower for each person in our family, with our pictures being the face of the flower.

What you need:
– Flower pot- Card stock (multiple colors)- Pipe cleaners- Floral foam- Decorative rocks/glass/beads- Gems, stickers, glitter, anything to give bling to the flowers- Stamp pads- Photos, small pieces of art, etc.
Cut the floral foam to fit down into the pot (this is what will hold your flower stems upright). Leave room at the top to fill with the decorative rocks or glass.

Cut out flowers with the card stock (you need 2 sides of the flower so the pipe cleaner can be glued inside them). Different colors, flower types, and sizes are great. Glue some cute photos on some of them. Others you can have your child draw or paint on. Fingerprints are fun too!

If your children are small, have them make hand and footprints on the card stock. Cut them out (2 pieces again) for handprint flowers.

When your flowers are ready to assemble, glue the end of a pipe cleaner in between the 2 pieces and glue the inside edges of the 2 pieces together. Let dry.

Have the children decorate theflowers with bling: gemstones, glitter, paint, markers, stickers, anything you have on hand.The kids can write their names and date on the back of each flower. Or if they can write small enough, they can each write something that they love about Mom or Grandmom.

Once all the flowers are completely dry, assemble the flower pot. Place the bottom ends of the pipe cleaners (flower stems) down into the floral foam inside the pot until secure. You may have to cut them, depending on the size of your pot. The pot can be painted as well. Fill the top with the decorative rocks/glass.

Voila! A Mother’s Day Flower Pot for your mom/grandmother that will last forever!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Moms and Grandmothers!


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