Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet


Homemade Mother’s Day presents are the best! Moms and Grandmothers love to get flowers, but thisflower bouquet can be kept forever.

What you need:
– Large piece of card stock for the background
– Colored paper for the flowers
– White or tan paper for the hand
– Scissors, pencil, and glue

Start by tracing your child’s hand and arm on the white or tan paper. They can practice their cutting skills by cutting their hand/arm out themselves. Glue the hand to the background paper (except the fingertips!). We used blue background to look like the sky.

I helped the kids with their flowers by drawing the circle center, petals, stems, and leaves, but depending on their drawing ability, they could do that on their own. The kids can cut everything out and get it ready to assemble and glue.

When the flowers are all glued on, add some glue to the fingertips and curl over the top of the stems.

My kids added some “Happy Mother’s Day” messages on there but the art looks nice without it too (you can write on the back of it).

Happy Mother’s Day!


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