It’s Time For Adventure: Reconnecting With the Great Outdoors

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With so much technology available to us today, it can be easy to forget to step outdoors every now and then. It’d be a shame, though, to let the natural beauty of the Sonoma County pass you by. There are over 300 different species of animals living in Sonoma County, and while you may not get to see all of them, you’ll have a better chance if you opt to spend time with your family exploring the world around you. Explore, exercise, and have a good time. You’ll come away from your day outdoors feeling more content and healthier for your time.


Getting To Know Your City

Sonoma County is an ideal place for an adventurous family. Come summer time, there are a number of facilities, camps, and parks for you to explore at your leisure. The local wildlife center will let you grow more familiar with wildlife that’s local to the area and some that’s a little wilder. Even in the winter time, you and your family can explore the expansive Sonoma Coast. Maybe stay out of the water, but take your time walking down the beach and seeing what kind of adventures you can have.


Improving Your Health

There’s more benefit to exploring the great outdoors than just getting to know your county, though. Heading outside is guaranteed to help you and your family live more healthily. For starters, getting outside automatically exposes your kids to more vitamin D than a day indoors. Taking the occasional picnic will also ensure that your whole family eats more fresh fruit, vegetables, and wholesome foods. Most importantly, though, taking a walk on the beach or hiking on a nearby trail keeps your muscles moving. Exploring the outdoors is one easy way to make sure that you and your family exercise more frequently. Walking along hidden trails, through alcoves, or over rolling hills also offers a much prettier view than that of your average gym.





Discovering New Things

The great outdoors are also fantastic for re-sparking wonder in your children. The Internet may have a mass of information at all times, but nothing is more exciting to a child than discovering something new. Nature and nature walks offer your children new perspectives on their environment. They’ll be able to expand their horizons more easily when you frequently expose them to natural wonders that they’ve never seen before.


Spending Time With Your Family

Finally, the great outdoors is a wonderful place to reconnect with your family. Your kids may be resistant, at first, to leaving the comforts of home behind. Exploring new places, though, and spending time together as a family unit is an excellent way to both strengthen your bonds with your kids and protect their mental health. Time in the sun with people you love fills you with warmth and makes rainy days – be they literal or metaphorical – a little easier to weather.

Take advantage of the natural beauty of Sonoma County. There’s more benefit to it than improving your own health. Introducing your children to the environment they’re a part of will allow you to keep them healthier, happier, and more engaged with the world in the long run.






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