How To Make Puffy Paint

“Puffy Paint” is a fun and easy way to make 3-D paintings! Using common items, create textured and unique artwork!

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-Colored Paper

-Gel Food Coloring


-Shaving Cream




*Step 1:

Separate your bowls for the different colors you are going to make.


*Step 2:

Shake the shaving cream well and add it to the different bowls.


*Step 3:

Next, add the glue. You want to add the right amount of glue so that its not too thin but stays fluffy. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect, just take a guess! You can always add more glue or shaving cream if necessary.


*Step 4:

It’s time to add the food coloring! If you would like a lighter color, only add 1-2 drops of food coloring. For a darker color, add 3 or more drops. You can determine the colors you want!


*Step 5:

Stir! Mix the colors well so that the color is evenly spread throughout the bowl.


*Step 6:

Now it’s time to paint! The more you add to the paper, the better the 3-D effect will be when it dries!

(Plain white puffy paint is great too!)

Explore the paint! See what creations you can make!  You can even use your hands too, just make sure to wash your hands well after!



Have Fun Painting!






For Full Video Tutorial Check out Dream Free Art Kids :




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