How to Make Magic Leprechaun Rocks!



This is a simple, fun science activity that would amaze your kids.

Why are they Magic ? The rocks are magic because they would dissolve once they get in touch with the vinegar and would leave a reward behind. Trust me, The kids would love it.

This is a cool project no matter what. If you celebrate St Patrick’s, you can tell the kids, the Leprechaun came by and left those rocks. If you don’t celebrate St Patrick’s day, make it fun in another way. They can just be “special rocks”, or if they are old enough let them explore the science behind it. Have fun!

*Prepare the magic rocks one day in advance to let them dry overnight


You would need:
1 cup of Baking soda
¼ cup of water
Water coloring
A reward: coins, quarters, little toys, etc



To prepare the Magic Rocks:

  • Mix the color in the water. I used my food coloring bottles. I only have the base colors. So, I mixed the yellow and blue colors in the water to get the desired green color. If you use food coloring make sure to use gloves while making the rocks, otherwise your hands would become the hands of a leprechaun. I didn’t use gloves. :/


  • Start mixing the baking soda with the green colored water. Go slow and mixed well until you get the right consistency. It can’t be too watery, otherwise the rock would melt or too dry otherwise the rock wouldn’t stick together. The dough needs to be doable, so you can make the rock form and keep that form until it dries. While making the rock shape put the reward inside and make sure it is no visible. I used coins and little toys but the little toys took most of the dough. I was able to make only 4 magic rocks with these batch. If you use only coins you would be able to make more. After you are done, put the magic rocks separate from each other on flat surface and let them dry overnight.


  • Next day, the magic rocks would be ready, just put them outside for your kids to find them. Once they do,  direct them to dump the magic rocks in the bowl filled with vinegar, and let magic happens! They would love it! Ideally, it would be better to have a little bowl with vinegar for each magic rock because once the vinegar start getting mixed with the baking soda, it gets harder for the other rocks to dissolve.


Would you try it? Let me know how it goes.



Happy St Patrick’s day !


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