Fun Kids Photo Bookmarks

My friend Laura made these for the kids when my son was in Kindergarten. I thought it was such a cute idea that I decided to do it at home for gifts! This is a great gift for Father’s Day, or any day for someone that reads a lot!


What you need:

– Camera and access to a printer (or have the pictures printed)
– Contact paper/laminating paper (or have it laminated at a print shop)
– Embroidery thread
– Permanent markers
– Beads (optional)


Begin by having your child pose like they are hanging on to a rope and take a picture. They can stand up, lay down, or jump up while you are snapping the camera. Have them make a fists like they are holding onto the rope.

Print the photos out or have them printed at your nearest Costco or Target. If you took a close up picture, 4×6 are a pretty good size. If you were further away, you may want to look at a 5×8 size. Cut the images out as close to the body as possible.

If you are going to use contact paper and laminate them at home, I suggest gluing the cut-outs onto card stock to make the book marks more stiff. Space them apart so you have enough room to cut them out again. Place the card stock, with the photos glued on, between the contact paper and seal.

If you are getting them laminated professionally at the print shop, you don’t need card stock. Just bring the cut out photos in and pick the heavy laminate for the most sturdy bookmarks. Office Depot did mine in 5 minutes and it cost $2.50/sheet. I got 5-6 bookmarks out of a sheet.

Make the tassels. Cut out a 2″ wide rectangle of card stock to use as a guide. Pick an embroidery thread color and wrap it around the card stock 10-15 times.


Cut the thread. Cut a 12″ piece of thread, pull it through the wrapped thread, and tie tightly. Cut the wrapped thread to make the tassle tail. If you want it to look more like a real tassle, tie a small piece of thread about 1/4 down of the tassle part and secure.

Cut out the bookmarks, making sure the seal remains intact around the edges. Take a large eye needle and poke a hole in the hand area and thread the tassle through so it looks like the child is hanging from it. Tie it tightly.

If your child wants to use beads, you can string them before you tie the tassle onto the bookmark. On some of ours we used letter beads to spell names or a message.

Last we decorated the backs of the bookmarks with permanent markers. On those that were gifts, the kids wrote messages and drew pictures. They also drew pictures on their own bookmarks.


Now your child has their own personalized bookmark, or you have a lovely gifts for someone special.





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