Father’s Day Gift Idea: Hand-Decorated Apron


It can be difficult to find the right gift for Dad on Father’s Day. If you have kids, it’s fun to do homemade gifts, but what does Dad need?

If he’s a grill-master, like our Dad, then by all means he needs a new apron! But not just any apron, an apron that has been lovingly decorated by his children.

What you need:

Plain white/cream apron
Fabric Paint
Fabric Markers
– Willing children



Make a plan on what the apron will say before you start. We decided to do the kids’ handprints and the slogan: “Hands Down, Best DAD Ever!”

We used fabric paint to do the handprints (be sure to have the kids wash it off right away, it dries pretty fast). Then we used puffy paint and fabric markers to write the slogan and decorate the apron. He’s gonna love it!


Happy Father’s Day!


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