Family Thanksgiving Tree


This is a great project for the whole family! Our Thanksgiving tree included being thankful for everything from family and friends, to the ocean and Minecraft! So fun!
What you need:

Large poster size white card stock
Colored card stock (preferably in Fall colors)

Draw a large tree trunk with brown crayon. Make sure you have a lot of branches to hang the leaves on. I outlined the tree and my kids colored it in. They added sky and flowers for effect!
Cut out leaves in multiple colors. Ours were approximately 3″ long. Make sure they are large enough to write what each person is thankful for, but small enough to allow for a lot of leaves on your tree.
With fine tipped Sharpie, each family member writes their name on the leaf and what they are thankful for. Use tape to stick them to the branches of the tree.

This project can be started a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. Leaves can be added every day. On Thanksgiving day, enjoy reading what everyone is thankful for!


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