How To Make a Fairy Garden

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Building a Fairy Garden is a perfect combination of gardening and imaginative play. I have a daughter who, of course, loves fairies. She also loves gardening. So we decided on building a Fairy Garden. This is a great Earth Day project!

Start with a container of some sort. We didn’t want to use a lot of soil so we used a shallow round planter. The Fairy Garden would probably look great in a redwood planter. Fill the container with a well drained soil combination (you don’t want water flooding your Fairy Garden).

The main part of a Fairy Garden is moss or ground cover. You can purchase this at any nursery or one of the major hardware stores in the area. Ground cover is very low maintenance and spreads easily. We used some succulents (also very easy to grow and re-root) from some other plants we had.

As you can see, we had a visitor immediately. This now has to be a Fairy AND Frog Garden!



Of course you need some fun fairy accessories. If you don’t have them laying around already, you can purchase them at Michael’s or toy stores. You can also use miniatures (make sure they are outdoor quality).

This is what we used:
– Shallow Round Container
– Soil- Ground cover
– Small pebbles
– Succulent branches
– Fairies
– Miniatures (birdhouse, watering can, flower pots, etc)
– Small garden flag (got at Friedman’s)
– Miniature butterflies



If you don’t want to buy accessories, you can make them! We painted some rocks for brightness (polka dots and stripes look amazing). You can put sticks and moss in for homeade trees. You can make your own signs with popsicle sticks. Anything from nature will do!

We planted the moss (in parts). Then we decided to make a little creek running through it, so had to plan accordingly.


We lined the creek with small pebbles and decided that we should also have a pond. For the pond, we cut off the bottom of a plastic water bottle, set it into the moss/dirt, and filled it with water.



Now the fun part! Maya arranged all the fairy accessories around. The “Fairies Welcome” sign is adorable!


And voila! A Fairy Garden!


This is a great outdoor project to do with your kids. If you don’t want to do fairies, you can do other themes such as farm, dinosaur, or jungle theme. This is a great setting for independent play for your little ones.

Happy Gardening!




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