Canvas Art with Contact Paper


There is something about painting on a canvas that the kids love!We buy canvases from Michael’s when they are on sale and have created quite the gallery of our children’s art at home.

This project uses contact paper to createa collage of unpainted shapes on their canvas. You can buy contact paper at your local art supply store.

Cut shapes out of the contact paper (we used hearts this time) and stick them on your canvas prior to painting. Make sure the edges are as sealed as possible so paint won’t seep underneath.

Now the fun part -time to paint! We use acrylic paints for our canvases.

Kids can paint patterns, pictures, stripes, anything they want around and over the contact paper shape(s). Lots of color is always better!

My daughter painted a rainbow over her heart.

My son used a pixelation style in “fire” colors to create a colorful background.

Set aside and let the paint dry for a day.

Remove the contact paper shape(s) and voila! Instant masterpieces for your art gallery!


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