Armstrong Redwoods

Want to get the kids out for some fresh air, exercise, a bit of education, and a family picnic? Armstrong Redwoods has all that! Plus you can stay cool on those hot summer days underneath the canopy of Redwood trees.

Armstrong Redwoods is a wonderful place for some good old-fashioned family time in nature. We take the kids there often for a hike and a picnic


Armstrong Redwoods is located right outside of Guerneville, near the Russian River. It’s a short 40-minute drive from Rohnert Park. Only 40 minutes to hang out under those amazing Redwood trees, we are so lucky!

You can drive your car into the park for an $8 fee, or you can walkin if you can. There is a parking lot at the entrance to the park and it’s free to park there (so rare for state parks these days).

The main trail through the park is wide and flat, excellent for little feet. It is clearly marked and there aren’t a lot of obstacles for the little ones. The kids just love the towering Redwoods. After all, nature is the ultimate playground!

There are many perfect photo ops along the way.

And things to learn about.

And so many trees to hug!

They have an optional scavenger hunt for kids too. The kids can look for all the special features of the park like the tallest tree, the oldest tree, the icicle tree, and the tree burls.

At the entrance there is a great little museum and gift shop. They have a display of stuffed native animals and a bunch of little critters, skeletons, and other fun things that the kids can look at through a magnifying glass. They have some nature-themed toys, books, and gifts for both kids and adults. The volunteers in there are always really helpful and love to share information about the park.

There are several trails in the park ranging from easy to more strenuous. The main trail from the entrance to the group picnic areas and back is an easy walk at 1.7 miles. If your kids are up to it, you can opt to take a couple of trail offshoots to make it a bit longer with a short climb. If you are really adventurous, you can take the 9-mile round trip hike up to Bullfrog pond and back.

Armstrong Redwoods backs right up to Austin Creek Recreation Area which provides longer and more advanced trails for the more adventurous. There are even some wilderness sites to backpack to in Austin Creek. We packed in a few years ago and it was a pretty easy trek and really fun!

At the end of the main park road there is a large picnic area with bathrooms, picnic tables, and barbecues. There is tons of parking there and more trailheads.

Armstrong Redwoods is very easy to get to and is free to hike! It is located right next to the town of Guerneville, on the Russian River. We recommend a visit soon if you have not been there! For all the information on the park and how to get there, visit the Armstrong Redwoods Website.

Have fun!


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