April Fools Day Pranks for Kids !

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Be careful before biting into Easter eggs Sunday! It’s also April Fools’ Day.

Have fun with your kids on April Fools Day with these simple, but hilarious pranks!


* Replace the cream in the middle of oreos with toothpaste!

* Set all the clocks in the house an hour early—after the surprise, take them out for donuts before school.

* Place tape over the sensors of tv and game remotes (or remove batteries).

* If you have more than one child, put them in different beds when they are sleeping. What surprise when they wake up!

*Send them to school with an April Fools lunch, complete with a gummy worm in their apple, a sandwich wrapped with a crazy number of layers of plastic wrap, plastic bugs in the food, and switched snacks (different snack than what the wrapper says, open the bag at the bottom, replace the snack, and tape closed).


* Surprise them with stares – put goggly eyes on everything in the bathroom or refrigerator!

* Fill juice glasses (the night before) with jello and serve as juice in the morning.

* Sprinkle salt on their toothbrushes the night before ..

* Switch the bags of cereal within different boxes for a breakfast surprise.



* Stuff the toes of their shoes with toilet paper.

* Sew their socks closed.

* Block their shampoo bottle squeeze – unscrew the lid, place saran wrap over the top, and screw the lid back on.

* Put a toy in the mailbox (dinosaur, monster, stuffed animal)

* Put a few drops of food coloring into their cereal bowl and cover it up with dry cereal. When they pour the milk, surprise!

* Wear a disguise when you pick them up from school (wig, hat, uniform).

* Glue coins outside to the sidewalk or driveway

* Freeze plastic bugs or flies inside ice cubes.

* Switch contents of drawers (underwear/shirts/pants/etc)

* Short sheet the beds (instructions HERE).



So many ways to have some fun on April Fools Day!!




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