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We are a FREE resource for families in and around Sonoma County. We are committed to providing our community of families one convenient site to learn about what’s going on in Sonoma County.  We feature two primary guides — Events and Places to Go (Businesses).
In our “EVENTS” guide, you’ll find all kinds of fun events and activities, such as local festivals, indoor/outdoor activities, special promotions, and more.  The events are updated daily, so be sure to check back often!
In our “PLACES TO GO” guide, you’ll find Sonoma County’s local businesses, which will include everything from restaurants to summer camps, birthday party venues, local parks, private schools, daycares, and more.

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We also feature a “BLOG” where you’ll find articles on various topics of interest such as recipes, arts & crafts, creative projects, and all sorts of fun random family topics. And we need you!  This is a local community website and we want to hear what you have to say, so If you want to be a regular or just a guest blog contributor connect with us. We are also working to offer the Blog in Spanish for our latino community.
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Sonoma County Kids is owned and operated by Carolina Haycock.  She lives in Petaluma with her husband, Jason, and their two boisterous toddlers.  The Haycock family has roots in Northern California going back generations, and we hope generations to come.  We love this community and are so excited to continue to share with you all that this beautiful county has to offer.