Creek Camp at Sugarloaf

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June 13-17, 2016—Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Traverse the headwaters of Sonoma Creek Watershed in this recreational and environmental education camp. Campers will spend the week as junior scientists, starting off the day with morning hikes on the park’s trails. As the day warms, we’ll stay close to water, exploring the creeks for insects and amphibians, and we’ll cap each day off with visits from local naturalists.  Activities include investigating the properties of water, collecting and studying aquatic insects, learning about the wildlife and plants found in the park. Visits from Wildlife centers, bird watchers, and astronomers will be included throughout the week. Our camp days will also consist of plenty of games, arts & crafts, and storytelling.

Sonoma Ecology Center's Science Camp provides children with the opportunity to learn about science and connect with nature through adventures, explorations, and hands-on, interactive experiments. Campers will also make new friends, develop new skills, and work with a highly qualified staff of professional educators and naturalists. Each camp theme is rich in science content, eco-friendly arts & crafts, fun games, and healthy snacks. In 2016, we are proud to offer four weeks of camp which include many of the popular themes from last year as well as a brand-new camp! 

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