SucherNova Farm Camp

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Farm camp sessions are always different. Farm camp consist of natural crafts, music, & farming activities. Caring for the animals, the garden, lots of crafts and free time to enjoy being with the earth. A safe & loving environment is created for your child to make friends and make memories.

We will spend our days doing a variety of outdoor activities, catered to the children’s ages & interests. Just some of the possible activities may be: archery, sustainability skills such as building with cob & willow, raising food & animals including apple pressing and cheese making, primitive skills and camp craft (fire, forts/ shelters, etc.), arts & crafts (nature art, flower crafts, weaving with plants, etc.),  exploring, tracking, creating habitats, team building (problem solving, creating, games, etc.), water & mud play, animal imitations, whittling, orienteering (compass & “lostproofing” skills), photography, woodworking, & games that help with nature awareness. This is all balanced with the truly necessary nature play that kids invent. 


June 27- July 1st

July 4 - July 8

July 11 -July 15

July 18 - July 22

July 25 - July 29

Education has come so far from the original, innate way that humans learned for thousands of years. With extended family always around in natural settings, kids used to observe, explore, imitate, question, and watch their mentors in a natural setting. They learned by discovery, experimentation and very keen awareness. At Farm Camp, we try to allow the space for that unfolding of inquisitiveness and exploration, for experiencing the wonder and the spirit in special moments in nature. For in those moments lies the heart of education that will last a lifetime. At farm camp we build memories, connect children to mother earth & enjoy the wonder of being in nature. We start the day by feeding the animals & caring for the garden. Then we move onto our activity or craft of the day that includes working with wool, archery, painting, natural building or one of the many earth science projects Farmer Melissa has up her sleeves to keep the children engaged & learning from the natural world. 

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