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An excellent way to learn now!  (707) 326-8797

Four (4) days in a row of immersing into an instrument or the voice is like taking 6-9 months worth of weekly music lessons

Four days in a row ~ 30 minutes daily, 45 minutes (recommended) daily or 60 minutes daily ~ Monday through Thursday only

Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Harmonica, Flute, Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet, Baritone, Trombone, Bass Clarinet, Drums, Percussion, Voice, ask for other instruments.

One on one individual, personalized and accelerated music learning with fun and tailor-made sessions to specifically address the student's personal musical interests.

Registration, sign-up and reservation fee, 30.00 paid in advance at the time of booking, for 30 minute sessions; 45.00 paid in advance at the time of booking for 45 minutes sessions (recommended) or 60.00 paid in advance at the time of booking for 60 minute sessions (non-refundable) per person, per session, cash, check, credit card or online ~ in advance, to ensure your space and reserve your time.

159.00 each person for each 30-minute session ~ 239.00 each person for each 45-minute session (recommended) ~ 318.00 each person for each 60-minute session ~ paid before the session begins.

If you pay for the session in full in advance at the time of booking, you may waive the Registration Fees.

Pay Online Click Here; Use Credit Card in Person; Drop Off Check for Registration/Reservation Fee, or Mail To:
Cheryl Teach Music  4910 Sonoma Highway Ste. C  Santa Rosa, CA 95409.   (707) 326-8797

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