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Our camp conforms to kids, not the other way around. Instead of a rigid structure, we give our campers choice. Instead of teaching kids the typical way, we give them tools and gentle guidance to help them become autodidacts, people who teach themselves. The difference is subtle–and it’s profound. There are a gazillion ways for kids to design a day at camp. One camper might dive into breadmaking and animation while another flies down a waterslide and scores a goal in our inflatable soccer stadium. It’s up to them.

We don’t expect you to know when or what time you can get your troops to camp. That’s why our policy is as flexible as you need it to be. You can buy a whole summer membership or you can purchase as many day passes as you want and use them whenever. Didn’t use them? No sweat. We’ll give you a full refund for unused passes. And best of all, you don’t even have to tell us when you’re coming. Ta-da. Camp just got easier.

Grades Pre-K through 7th. 40+ locations. Founded in 1980.

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