Clay Day Camp at Sonoma Community Center

Clay Day Camp at Sonoma Community Center main image

CLAY DAY CAMP & COMMUNITY TABLE will expose students to ancient traditions of clay while making handcrafted objects and enjoying interactive, team-building creative activities.

Days 1-4: Kids will learn how to make clay, form clay using slab and coil techniques into functional pottery forms, design textured surfaces using natural materials from the garden, and create an interactive banquet table facilitating skill building, pride and innovation.  Instructors: Cristina Arizmendi, Project leader: Kala Stein, Director of Ceramics, Aystyn Taylor, Artist in Residence, Sonoma Community Center.

Day 5: Kids will cook in the Center's professional kitchen with chef Lisa Lavagetto and learn how to make delicious and nutritious dishes from scratch.  CLAY DAY CAMP & COMMUNITY TABLE will conclude with an interactive experience where students invite guests to use their handmade pieces while sharing food and stories at an art-ful table.

Team taught by three amazing clay instructors. Learn more about our instructors, community center, and registration by visiting the website here.

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