Sugarloaf Backpacking Adventure Camp

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July 6-8, 2016—Sugarloaf Ridge State Park


Brand new this year, we’ll be offering a 3-day/ 2-night program for older outdoor campers at Sugarloaf Ridge State Park! Our goals include providing an unforgettable experience exploring some of the more difficult trails of the park during the day, camping under the stars at night and enjoying the peace and quiet. Throughout camp, participants will be guided along trails where our experienced leaders have extensive knowledge of flora and fauna, as well as camping tips and trail safety. Every day we will be on the trail for 3-4 hours, taking our time, enjoying the views, exploring streams, and ensuring that participants are calm and comfortable in the outdoors.  We will strive to foster an appreciation for the wilderness, nature, and our local watershed.

Campers will participate in setting goals, building self-confidence, and engaging in group activities. Participants will also learn basic backpacking skills, wilderness ethics, and follow the Leave No Trace principles. This camp encourages long lasting memories, appreciation for the outdoors, and a better awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

*Camp begins at 9am on Wednesday July 6th, and campers are on-site until 3pm on Friday, July 8th. 

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