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Our preschool is a parent cooperative and our philosophy is based on Adlerian Positive Discipline.  Each family works in the classroom with the children and teacher one morning per week.  This way you get to see the teacher modeling the Positive Discipline and get to practice it while you are in class with lots of support.


Our curriculum is play based with academics delivered within fun activities to create a love of learning.   We also concentrate heavily on social and emotional skills. Communication, problem solving, feelings, and how to appropriately express them are all important parts of our daily curriculum.


Each family also has a community support job which can be a daily, weekly, monthly or event job.  We try to have a variety so you can find one that easily fits into your life and is not an extra hassle.  Most jobs are helping keep the school safe, healthy and well organized. Some are also related to fundraising.


We have two work parties per year to prepare our site and classrooms for school.  One is the Saturday before school, 8-2 pm and all parents attend from preschool - 8th grade.  In preschool we also have several throughout the school year from 9-11 and you get to pick one to come in for with several other families to work on maintenance.


We also require each family to take one 6-week Positive Discipline class per year.  We provide them free of charge and on different nights during each quarter of the school year.  You get to pick the session you would like to participate in. We make them engaging and interactive so they are a pleasure to attend as well as being a learning environment.


Preschool hours are 8:15 – 12:15. Early Learners, (ages 2-4) can attend two, three or five mornings per week. Pre K is a five mornings per week class only.


Tuition is an annual tuition with three payment options. One payment in full at the beginning of August, two payments of half the tuition paid in August and one in January or 10 monthly payments.


Monthly payment option prices:

5 mornings per week - $335

3 mornings per week - $285

2 mornings per week - $235


We have an open door policy for families to visit any morning without an appointment. We ask that you stay at least 30 minutes however you are welcome to stay the entire morning. If you do not bring your child on the first visit, a second visit with your child is required before an application can be offered.


We look forward to meeting you!

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