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Free Bird Academy is a one-of-a-kind early learning program offering an arts-infused, research-based preschool curriculum and nature-inspired experiences in a nurturing home environment on Petaluma’s west side.  Our thematic, play-oriented approach focuses on each child’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual needs.  We offer a year-round program for ages 3-5.


Our West Side Petaluma home provides a warm atmosphere and large tranquil outside space to explore.  Our lovely neighborhood also becomes an exciting extension of the classroom where children can connect with nature and the community. 


Our low student teacher-ratio, 1:6, ensures optimal attention and learning for each child.  Every child is supported to feel secure, comfortable, and confident in his or her social interactions.


Communication with families is an essential focus of Free Bird Academy.  Developmentally appropriate skills are formally assessed twice a year and parent-teacher conferences take place in the spring for Pre-K students.  We want to provide caregivers the ability to monitor their child’s growth so they know how to help support the learning process.  We are in regular communication with all of our families.  Monthly newsletters keep parents in-the-know and offer suggestions on how to extend learning at home. 


Free Bird Academy also posts on Facebook! That way you can peak into the enchanting learning that is taking place.  It helps us all feel connected, even with those relatives from afar! 


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