Rainbow Balloon Ice Balls

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Every kid loves water balloon activities in the summer. Make some rainbow balloon ice balls with the kids. They are fun to make and even funner to play with afterwards ...


First of all if you don't have a "Pumponator" or something similar, you should! The kids use this outside to fill water balloons in the summer themselves instead of using the faucet. You also need food coloring, large ziploc bags, and water balloons.


The kids decided to do all the standard rainbow colors (we have a little girl so our rainbows always include pink too). We just added food coloring to the water and went to work filling those water balloons. My orderly son made sure that the colored water was coordinated with the balloon color.



We placed them in the ziploc bags before putting into the freezer in case they leaked.




The next day the kids peeled off the balloons and presto! Instant colored ice balls. The balloon skins peel off quite easily. If you are concerned about food coloring on their hands, use latex gloves.




The kids were entertained for at least an hour with these beauties. They filled spray bottles with warm water, sprayed them down, and watched them melt. These are fun to play with outside in the summer, but be aware of the food coloring on patios.




Have fun!!

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