A Visit to Green String Farm in Petaluma

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Sonoma County farms .. so many farms, so little time! Green String Farm in Petaluma is one of our favorites! If you are looking for a farm to bring your family, this is a great choice.







Green String Farm is located in South Petaluma, right off Adobe Road. 



The staff at Green String Farm consists mostly of interns learning about Green String farming. They are happy to answer questions about the farm and the produce. The vibe is relaxed and comfortable. You can go just for the wonderful produce, grown on-site, or for a day trip with your kiddos.


There is a great little playhouse next to the main farm store, equipped with a slide and a porch swing. A perfect place to enjoy a picnic, with a great view! There are many animals around - sheep, goats, and chickens.



Green String Farm hosts a family-friendly tour every Saturday at noon. It is pretty mellow and usually lasts about 30 minutes. On the tour your kids can feed the sheep and goats.



When we were there, we met a baby goat named "Rusty" who they had rescued.



Visit the chickens and pet the baby chicks.



Then venture out into the field a bit to see some of the delicious produce that Green String offers. Here you will learn about how Green String Farm practices sustainable farming.



After the tour you can shop the farm store. Their produce is amazing and very reasonably priced. So much fun to let your kids help you shop (bring your own bags or buy for 10 cents).




Inside they have fresh baked bread, olive oil, red wine vinegar, herbs, meats, potatoes, nuts, and whatever else is in season.



Green String Farm offers top-notch produce, friendly service, an educational farm tour, and a relaxed environment for some family time.



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