Canvas Tape Art

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Canvas Tape Art main image

This is a great project for both kids and adults. It is easy to do and with all the colors, it always turns out beautiful.


You need:

  • Canvas (Michael's has loads of them in all different sizes)
  • Paint (we used acrylic) and brushes
  • 3M or Masking tape


Let your child apply strips of tape on the canvas, creating different shapes in all different sizes. Make sure they try to keep the edges as straight as possible. You can use a lot of tape to make smaller shapes, or less tape for larger shapes. Make sure you press the tape down all the way before painting to keep the paint from running under the tape.



Start painting! We did solid colors but if you want to add more to it, wait until the first layer dries completely and then go back in and paint over it with polka dots, stripes, textures, etc.




When finished, make sure the paint is completely dry before removing the tape.




Voila! Instant masterpieces!


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