Easy Lobster Tail Recipe

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1 Lobster Tail (6-8oz)
¼ Butter (1/4 stick per tail)
1 Garlic clove (1 per tail)
1 Teaspoon Lemon or Lemon Juice (per tail)
1 Pinch Pepper per tail
1 Pinch Salt per tail
1 Skewers (1per Tail)




1) Using a pair of scissors cut the top of the shell from the meaty portion to the tail. (Only cut the shell). Slightly open the top of the shell so that you can see the meat. 



2) Then flip the tail over and insert the skewer from the tail through center of the meat and out the other end. This will prevent the tail from curling up.



3) Mince Garlic  and add butter, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper to coffee mug. - Note: coffee mug is easy to microwave and for basting/brushing tails on grill.




4) Heat up butter and lemon juice with seasonings for 1-2 minutes in microwave. This can also be done on a stove if you prefer.



5) Grill on medium heat upside down for 7-8 minutes . DO NOT put tails over direct heat. In this pic the first half of the tail (meaty portion) is over the heat. Cook with lid closed.



6) After flipping, baste the tails with lemon butter sauce. Be sure to get a lot of butter and garlic inside the open portion!



7) Cook for 3-5 minutes with lid closed and be cautious of flame flare-ups. When the meat is opaque it is done.



8) When tails are finished you can open the crack in the shell and push the meat up. Then close the shell so the meat sits on top. This is good for presentation and also makes it easier to eat. Enjoy!



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