Make a Succulent Garden for Mother's Day!

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Make a Succulent Garden for Mother\

Succulent gardens are fun and easy to make, even for little ones. They are beautiful, easy to maintain, creative, and individual - no two succulent gardens look alike!

What you will need:

  • Shallow pot, preferably terra cotta
  • Soil, sand, and small rocks
  • Succulents, of course!
  • Glass decorative rocks


Cottage Gardens has a whole section dedicated to succulents and offers small and large of all kinds to choose from.

If you have never been, it is a must go! Check out our write up here in our Cottage Gardens article.

Purchase a few succulents for each pot. We chose 3 small ones per pot. They will spread and grow quickly so don't overcrowd the pot.

Fill your pot with a mixture of soil, sand, and very small pebbles. You need a mixture because succulents need to drain completely and the sand and rocks help the water pass through.

Plant your succulents in any arrangement you or your child chooses.

Decorate the surface around the succulents with pebbles, shells, and glass rocks. You can even turn it into a fairy garden. For fairy garden ideas, read our Fairy Garden article.

One of our children made a little riverbed out of the pebbles.


Another wanted to line the perimeter with glass rocks.


And the third just wanted to completely cover the soil with pebbles.


As you can see, they are all different.


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