Summer Tomato Bruschetta

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Got summer tomatoes? One of our favorite things to make with these sweet beauties is Bruschetta. Summer tomatoes are so full of flavor, you don't need to add much to make a delicious bruschetta topping. Enjoy!


Summer Tomato Bruschetta

Fresh, locally grown, summer tomatoes

Good quality extra virgin olive oil

Fresh basil leaves, julienned or minced


Salt + pepper



Slice the baguette into approx 1/2" slices and grill just to lightly brown and crisp. You can also roast in the oven: arrange on a baking sheet and brush both sides lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Roast at 425-450 degrees, turning once, until golden brown and crispy (to preference).


Cut a large garlic clove in half and rub it on the toasted bread slices. Set aside.


Chop tomatoes and place in a colander in the sink. Toss salt with the tomatoes to leech out some of the moisture and let sit for a little while, observing how much liquid they lose. When enough of the liquid is gone making a not so soupy texture, place the chopped tomatoes in a bowl. Mince garlic (amount is by preference, remember that raw garlic is strong!) and add to tomatoes. Toss with olive oil and season with salt and pepper, to taste.


Top each toasted baguette slice with a dollop of the tomato mixture. Finish with a little of the fresh basil. Serve and eat immediately!

** Options: you can add shaved parmesan and a drizzle of evoo at the end if you like. Some people add capers or chopped fresh mozzarella. If the tomato mixture is not flavorful enough, you can add some balsalmic or rice wine vinegar (for a sweeter brighter accent) to taste.

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