Quarryhill Botanical Garden in Glen Ellen

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If you are looking for a low-key nature experience with your kids, Quarryhill Botanical Garden is a great choice!


Quarryhill Botanical Garden is 25-acres of gardens filled with mostly Asian flora, a network of paths, ponds, waterfalls, and beautiful views of Sonoma Valley. It is large enough to get a good family nature walk in, but small enough to manage with little ones.


Children will love finding all the creeks, bridges, and ponds. There are a few creek crossings in which the kids can play in the rocks and chill out by the water.






There are many trails winding around the garden - the map can be a bit tricky, but it is a small enough place that you can't get lost. There are some hills but nothing too strenuous for beginning hikers, and lots of benches and chairs on the way to rest. Closed-toe shoes are recommended!




Many sculptures decorate the gardens. There is one at the top that kids can toss a coin in and make a wish.




You and your children may recognize many of the trees and flowers, like Manzanita, Iris, Bamboo, and Wild Strawberries. It's fun to see which ones your children know. There aren't large displays of flowers, like some other Botanical Gardens, however, there are many flowers and interesting plants grown here and there throughout the gardens.






There are several places to stop for a snack or a water break, most of them shady spots!




The views at Quarryhill Botanical Garden are amazing, but only if you are into lush gardens surrounded by rolling vineyards and Sonoma mountain ranges. : )




Often the favorite part of the adventure is the gift shop. They have an adorable little gift shop here, filled with botanical and artisan treasures for the whole family.



Quarryhill Botanical Gardens is open Monday-Sunday, 9am-4pm. General admission is $10, FREE for kids 17 and under. Enjoy!

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